CTD Cryo

Whether its to increase athletic performance, recover from illness or surgery, or to protect against aging, sports teams, athletes, and celebrities are constantly looking for new ways to push past their body’s limits.

When we push our bodies to the extreme, we increase the risk of injuring ourselves, requiring to spend hours a day on recovery just so we can get back to our regimen. Traditional recovery methods (like ice bathing) take time and often don’t work for everyone.

But what if there was a more modern and advanced way to recover? What if this new technique took less time and was more effective as well?

Introducing Whole Body Cryotherapy!

At CTD Cryo we strive to provide the most up-to-date methods for recovery and wellness. We use the XR Cryosauna which is a cryotherapy machine that uses liquid nitrogen to create extreme cold temperatures of up to -220°F (-140°C). That’s colder than the coldest place on Earth!

A two to three minute cryo session forces your body to go through a series of shocking changes that activate its innate ability to take care of itself.  On a cellular level, your body will do several amazing things to help you look and feel better.

You start by entering the cryogenic chamber undressed, except for gloves, socks, and undergarments to protect your extremities. You then immerse yourself in the extreme cold, vaporized chamber and let your body do the rest.

The Perfect Cryo Experience

CTD Cryo aims to be the number one cryotherapy spa for Marshall and nearby residents. We welcome all athletes and sports teams to enjoy cryotherapy with us.

Contact us to schedule your appointment or head over to our blog to learn more about cryotherapy.

Register online at ctd.cryoinnovations.com prior to your first visit.